September 20, 2018

Where The Proceeds Go

At the conclusion of the event each year, the Cancer Center is asked to provide us with a “wish list” of things that the hospital wouldn’t normally provide and that insurance wouldn’t cover.  Or things that they feel would make the patients and their families feel more comfortable during their treatment times.  Among the items we have purchased:

Medical Hardship Scholarship for families who are experiencing financial hardship including gas and grocery gift cards.

Coffee and tea service to be used by patients and their families.

Tables and Chairs to be placed outside of the exam rooms in the cancer center for patient family to wait comfortably during examinations, or take a break during visits with patients.

Small award gifts for patients upon completion of their chemotherapy.

Funeral flowers to provide support for families following the loss of a loved one.

Hanging hooks and folding chairs for additional seating in the rooms during oncology visits and treatment.

Certificates for acupuncture, massage and/or essential oils during treatment.

Programming and education for cancer center patients including support group and treatment journals.

Liv Devices, a tool for detecting breast abnormalities for those that struggle with self examination.

Ipads for patients to use while they are at their chemotherapy sessions, making the time go faster and providing a distraction.

Wigs and head coverings, scarves.

Comfort pillows for breast cancer patients.

Tote bags for treatment patients.


Treatment room televisions.



We are always open to more suggestions if you have been a patient and have seen a need for something, or family members of patients.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know!