September 20, 2018

About Walk For One

Walk for One, Unite for All was founded in 2012 as a community outreach project of  United Faribault Foundation.  The committee recognized the need to promote cancer awareness throughout the community and to provide support for individuals and their families who are dealing with cancer.  We will support programs and projects to uphold the mission of Walk for One, Unite for All.

1st United Bank will be working in partnership with District One Cancer Center/Allina Health and hospital staff to find the needs of the community and determine where we might best be of assistance.

We hope that someday organizations such as ours will no longer be needed as researchers work toward a cure for cancer.  Until then, we will work toward our goal of helping every family in our community to recognize the risk factors, know how and where to obtain medical advice and to get through the process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery as easy as possible.